How much does it cost?

Our membership plans are simple: $29.99/mo for individuals and $59.99/mo. for the whole family. Your membership includes reciprocal use to any NEHF location, strength training, cardio, selectorized equipment, group fitness classes, indoor cycling, basketball and so much more. NEHF is proud to offer you one of the best values in the industry.

Can I get a reimbursement from my health insurance for being a member of NEHF?

Yes – Although each carrier will vary slightly in their reimbursement criteria, most of the major carriers will pay up to $150.00 for you to have a membership at NEHF. Your carrier can provide you a list of required documents and your home club will be more than happy to produce those for you or you can visit the Membership Portal.

Are all classes included in my membership?

Yes – There is never an additional charge for any of our group fitness classes (Bodypump, Piloxing, Yoga, Body Blast, Street Feet, Core-Fit, Keiser Cycling etc.)

Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely – Guests of members are always welcome to try any NEHF. The first visit is always complimentary. Weekends are also complimentary for your friends and family – simply bring them with you! As a bonus we do offer a few select months where your friends & family can workout with you for the entire month for free – they are announced on the website.

What are the membership terms?

You can view the membership agreement by clicking here.

Can I work out more than once a day?

Yes – Your membership is unlimited. 

Is personal training included?

Yes/No – We offer an initial complimentary training to all new members. This can be accomplished on a day and time that is best suited for you. Just make an appointment and one of our personal training staff will be happy to meet you. If you would like additional training NEHF offers a variety of training packages starting as low as $99.

Do I need a reservation for childcare?

Yes/No – While we strongly recommend reservations for childcare, if there is available space your children are certainly welcome. If you are trying to get into a specific class or meet a trainer we recommend a reservation just to guarantee a spot.

Is there a time limit on the cardio equipment?

No – All we ask is common courtesy and once you are finished with your workout a simple equipment wipedown.

My friend and I belong to two different NEHF locations, can we workout together?

Yes – All memberships at any NEHF location are reciprocal. We actually encourage you to try other locations.

Do I need to sign up for group fitness classes?

No – Our studios are spacious and typically never get to capacity. *There are special events (BodyPump Launches, Charity Classes etc), that will occasionally require pre-registration.

Do I need to sign up for indoor cycling?

Yes/No – It is not required that you sign up for indoor cycling although the classes are very popular and we recommend pre-registration. Registration can be done via the web site on the Member Portal link.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes – After your initial contract period ends you may cancel your membership whenever you need by giving your home club written notice as outlined in your membership agreement. View our membership agreement here.

I work weird hours, are you open every day?

Yes – We are open 7 days a week, 365 days a year (weather permitting) including holidays. We can accommodate even the busiest schedules and lifestyles.

Is there an annual fee?

Yes – There is an annual fee of $39 that occurs in March of each year as outlined in your membership agreement.

Does it cost more to use other locations?

No – Your membership entitles you to use any NEHF location, no additional fees, no special cards. Our check-in systems are all linked together so please feel free to use any NEHF location you wish at no extra charge.

What about bad weather in the winter or holidays?

We post any weather or holiday related changes to our hours and group fitness schedules immediately on the website plus also on Twitter @ NEHF1.

What if I have a suggestion?

We are always happy to hear from our members and have set up a Suggestion Box on the website for any thoughts, suggestions, criticisms or praise that you may have.

Do you have a “Lunk Alarm”?

Absolutely not! All we ask from our members is common courtesy while using any NEHF facility. In the 25+ years the company has been in the industry we have never felt the need to have any type of member “alarm” system.

How many locations are there?

Currently we operate locations in Quincy, Weymouth & Abington but are looking at several expansion options. Your membership includes full use of any location with no additional charges. 

Do you have “Pizza Nights” like some of the national franchises do?

Seriously? – NO!