Fit Club

NEHF Fit Club….. “Be The Fittest Person You Know!!”

What is Fit Club?

Fit Club is a new and exciting concept offered exclusively by NEHF!  A completely different cost effective approach to group training allowing YOU the flexibility to participate when and where you want!

As a Fit Club member you have access to multiple sessions throughout the week, instructed by all of your favorite NEHF trainers. You may participate in as many sessions as you like or as little as you like – it’s entirely up to YOU!

How does it work?

Each participant purchases a block of 15 Fit Club sessions which may be used at any of our locations. You choose the club, the trainer, day of the week and time that best suits YOU! Join the Fit Club crew a few days a week, once a week or just occasionally when you need a little extra motivation!

As a bonus you can even give a Fit Club session to any Non-Member friend! A perfect way to introduce anyone to Fit Club!

Variety, Variety, Variety!

Since each NEHF trainer has his/her own unique training style, as a Fit Club participant the diversity of workouts will GET YOU RESULTS!

Ropes, Plyoboxes, Boxing, Running, Strength Training, Tires, Stairs, Stretching, Cross Training and so much more will be included in Fit Club workouts!

Each participant will also be granted unlimited access to our invitation only Fit Club Facebook group, where the NEHF trainers will share ideas, workouts and answer your fitness questions.


If you need more information or would like to get in on this exciting new personal training concept, please inquire at any location or contact any of the club managers.

For more information please email us at:

See you in Fit Club!!!!

Click here for a printable calendar.