Reopening Information Page

Please take a moment to thoroughly  read this page as it contains important information about our reopening and operations going forward. Cooperation from all members will insure a safe and healthy workout environment for all.

The state of Massachusetts has issued a standard set of guidelines that all local gyms must follow, you should familiarize yourself with the document as it is everyone’s responsibility to follow the rules and guidelines as they have been established by the state. – the complete document can be found HERE.



The State Of Massachusetts requires masks be worn at all times while in the clubs and working out. (Please wear your mask over your mouth and nose). A mask on your chin is NOT a mask!

We are in favor of this decision as it allows us to operate our locations safely and efficiently while simultaneously allowing us to do our part to stop the spread. Your continued support is appreciated by the staff, your fellow members and the community.

2. If you do not feel well – please stay home, its common courtesy. If the staff suspects you may not be feeling well, they will politely ask you to leave and come back another day.

3. Use hand sanitizer (we have sanitizer stations available throughout the clubs) and wash your hands often.

4. Practice social distancing. Our clubs average over 22,000 sq.ft – be courteous to one another and workout accordingly.

5. Wipe down equipment after use.

6. Bring you own water bottle, drinking fountains will be only for filling water bottles.

The rules are simple and we expect all members to adhere to the guidelines. Failure to use a mask properly will be cause for membership termination – Everyone has a duty to one another during these times and we look forward to your cooperation and support.


1.If any staff member does not feel well he/she will not be reporting for their shift.


3. Continuously using hand sanitizer and hand washing during shift

4. Staff will monitor workout areas to insure members are in compliance with all rules (i.e; wearing masks when required, social distancing, wiping equipment etc)

5. Staff will ask any member that cannot comply with the guidelines to leave the club for the day. Repeat offenders will have their membership terminated. We are all adults, please do not make the staff play “Covid Police” and conduct yourselves accordingly.


1.  All locations will be open Monday-Friday from 5m-9pm. Saturday 7am-6pm and Sunday 7am – Noon.  These hours will allow the staff and cleaning company ample time to keep all locations sparkling clean!

2. Most strength training equipment has been relocated to allow for social distancing. Some equipment will be blocked off to meet the requirements established by the state. We will continually rotate the blocked off equipment so that your favorite piece is available. Please do not use equipment that is not in use and do not remove any signage.

3. Some cardio pieces will be turned off to facilitate social distancing. There will still be ample equipment available to serve your needs.

4. Restrooms and locker rooms will be available.

5. Per the states guidelines showers, steam and saunas will be unavailable during our initial reopening.

6. Childcare will remain closed in our Abington location.

For over 4 decades NEHF has prided itself in operating exceptionally clean facilities and will now take additional steps to insure we are exceeding all expectations.

A letter from our commercial cleaning company:


“Due to the concern regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), Baytownies have implemented procedures to ensure our crews are conscientiously following the proper guidelines in taking care of the Northeast Health & Fitness locations. The following points are being monitored during each visit:

Following and completing the work scope each visit

Using a hospital grade disinfectant (99.9% effective) at all touch points, including but not limited to:

  • Door handles/knobs
  • Open surface areas/Counter areas
  • Restroom and Restroom fixtures
  • Equipment
  • Breakrooms
  • Handrails
  • Drinking fountains

 Utilizing a color code system pertaining to Microfiber cloths to avoid cross contamination.

Adding additional cleaning staff to insure all guidelines are strictly followed.

The Government Center for Disease Control has issued bulletins regarding specific measures a janitorial service provider should put in place to ensure the facility is as germ free as possible. They have recommended the above areas be sanitized/disinfected and we at Baytownies are committed and diligent toward that goal.”


Stephanie Moreno

Client Relationship Manager

In addition to the protocol followed by the cleaning company, NEHF has taken the following steps:

All locations will remain closed on Sundays to allow for Deep Cleaning. 

  1. Ample supply of hand santizer at all sanitation dispensers.
  2. Touch points (doors, handles etc) are being routinely cleaned and disinfected by all staff.
  3. Additional monitoring of locker room and bathroom facilities.
  4. Disinfecting solution spray remains readily available throughout the clubs.
  5. Continuous disinfecting of bars, dumbbells, benches, mats etc, routinely throughout the day.
  6. Locker rooms have been fitted with signage to promote hand washing and healthy habits.

We will continue to stay up to date with all CDC recommendations as well as follow the Massachusetts Department of Health Guidelines.

We are excited to welcome everyone back to our clubs and look forward to serving you for years to come!!